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Meet the poor woman that survived for almost 20 years without food or water

Duabo is a poor woman by name Barbara Offie. She loved a man when she was 29 years of age, the man have been providing her all what she needs. This made her love him the more.

Not knowing Barbara's family had a hot beef with the man. They all hated the man for the so called beef that came up and the man hated them. Per explanation, the man made Barbara's families job collapse completely.

Barbara still went on with the man and apologized to her family to forgive the man and reunite. Rather, Barbara's family came together and warned Barbara that, if she go on with the man then she should forget that she has a family.

Barbara loved the man because of how good he was so didn't want to leave him. Barbara went on secretly with the man and thought her family won't notice. After years, Barbara's husband even though they weren't married had an accident and died.

Barbara was left alone with no other option than to return back to her family. She went to them thinking they don't know. Each and everyone of them rejected her and sacked her, she pleaded with them but still they rejected her for going to the man.

See her picture below :

Barbara had no where to live because the family of the man said Barbara killed him, they almost jailed her but didn't. She had no where to live, nothing to eat and drink also. She now wandered on the street for food but didn't get, she lived on the street for almost 20 years.

Currently, she has grown out of the poverty and is almost 50 years of age. She tried looking for her family again but didn't find any of them. She is now living as a house help bit well respected after some rich people haved mercy on her upon her sad life story.

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