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How Can We Build A Nation With This Kind Of Attitude.

While some are putting this at the door of fix the country, others are directing it towards fix yourself. Which ever way it goes, it doesn't change the fact that building across a rail line is totally wrong.

For those blaming fix the country, they argue that, should the train tracks be functioning, it would have been impossible for someone to think about building across a train track.

For those pushing along the fix yourself line, they are of the view that, an individual should be disciplined enough and "fix himself", in this instance, not building on across the train track in the first place.

But in reality, common sense was far from the owner and developers of this structure. It is quite obvious it will go down one day, should the train tracks be put up once again.

Interestingly, this picture speaks volumes. Another structure coukd be sighted right behind the one in focus. This could be a practice in the community, and it is however worrying.

Should thier buildings be demolished without compensations being payed, who will they blame. Themselves or the government.

In fact, are these the kind of people who will call for things to he fixed?

Where did we go wrong as a nation in the first place, for people to act with impunity and walk away freely?

As a people seeking progress, does this kind of attitude fit our growth model?

We ask these questions, but only those vested with power can have a vivid answer to this.

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