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Finance minister $28 million loan agreement to purchase vehicles for MP’s.

The finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta has presented a $28 dollar loan agreement request by government to parliament to purchase cars for Members of Parliament. The aim of this loan by the ministry, is to buy 275 cars for members of the eight parliament.

 The loan which will be sought from the National Investment Bank(NIB) has a payment plan that will be spread to each person during their 4year term in parliament. This agreement is between the government, the finance minister, the eight parliament and the National Investment Bank Limited. 

Meanwhile Ken Ofori Atta has again requested for a $3.5 million car loan to buy vehicle for the Council of State of the 8th parliament. 

Despite the negative happenings and the retrogressions in our economic development, Ghanaians have expressed their shock and disappointment in government for requesting for a $28million loan to buy cars for MP’s instead of fixing the country. Others complain of schools under trees, the dying economy and other woes in the country that have not been fixed. What happened to the year of roads and other developmental projects that has not been attended to? Where is the by-force taxes that were implemented without our knowledge and we had to pay unknowingly? Is this how it’s going to be lavished while the people die of hunger and flee from their motherland because there are no jobs? The Ghana We Live In is Dying.

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