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18 and 4 mummified kings and queens put on a show in Egypt as they are moved to new home

It was a spectacular show held in Egypt when 22 ancient mummies were paraded to their new home in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The 18 kings and 4 queens made a journey of 7km to their new resting place. They included Rameses II, one of the country's most famous pharaoh and queen Hatshepsut, Egypt only woman pharaoh.

The vehicles in which they were transported were designed in the form of ancient boat used to carry deceased pharaohs to their tomb.

According to the ministry of antiquities, most of the mummies belong to the ancient new Kingdom which ruled between 1539BC to 1075.

In the words of Salim Ikram, the head of the Egyptology unit at the American University in Cairo to Al Jazeera, "in a way, people are very proud of what they are seeing"; " so although there was great expense, I think the return may be quite good in the long run" she added.

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