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Lecturer files lawsuit asking Ghana’s Supreme Court to declare that God created man

Judge Hammer 

The instructor is likewise requesting the court to prohibit the investigation from advancement in the country 

Johnson Anane, an Assistant Lecturer at the Sunyani Technical University, has documented a claim at the Supreme Court requesting an announcement that God is the maker of humankind and not through development as cutting edge by researchers. 

The instructor is likewise raising issues on the situation of science that sees the Earth to be a planet in the close planetary system and that its development around the Sun is the reason for day and night, a long time and seasons. 

As indicated by Anane, who contends that days, evenings, a long time and seasons were made by God, the Theory of Evolution and the Theory of the Solar System goes in opposition to the Bible which sets that God made man. 

"The ramifications of the hypotheses are that the innovative work of God as expressed in Genesis has been dropped, denied or invalidated," he expressed in his writ. 

As indicated by a Daily Graphic report located by Ghanaweb, the speaker, other than falling on the court to maintain his cases, likewise needs the court to boycott the investigation of the Theory of Evolution and the close planetary system in the country. 

"These hypotheses are instructed in schools (Primary, JHS and SHS) and should be prohibited or abrogated," Anane affirmed. 

Participated in the suit as respondents are the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service, the President of the Ghana Science Association of Ghana and the Attorney-General. 

The Attorney-General, in a primer complaint, has requested that the court excuse the suit, depicting it as without merit and a maltreatment of the court's cycles. 

The AG contends that the suit raises no reason for activity as it doesn't express any established issue for the court to decipher or any sacred infringement by the respondents. 

"The movement is bumbling and doesn't as expected conjure the court's purview under Article 2(1) and (2) of the Constitution of Ghana, 1992 and doesn't likewise agree with Rules 45 and 46 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1996 C.I.16," the A-G battled. 

As indicated by the Daily Graphic, the case was at first documented at a Kumasi High Court however was struck out by the court on grounds of jurisdictional cutoff points. 

Equity Patricia Quansah, the directing appointed authority of the previously mentioned Kumasi High Court, proclaimed: "I should strike out this matter not even the offended party's cases not uncovering any sensible reason for activity, but since appropriately alleged this court has no ward to manage the matter." 

The offended party was then exhorted by the High Court to take the make a difference to the Supreme Court. 

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