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Boyfriend Surprises JHS1 "Girlfriend" with Brand New SUV Car in Viral Video (Photos)

Ghana Adage says there's time for everything. Time to go to school to study, Time to look after your parents and your younger ones. A video of a girl who was gifted a car by her said boyfriend has caused big reaction on social media.

A young boy who is believed to be 16 years old has surprised his girlfriend, believed to be in JHS1 class, with a brand-new SUV car as her birthday gift. The young man shook everybody on social media and people were wondering what he does for a living and where he got the money to buy such an expensive car and what he was doing with an underage girl.

Photo credit: BCR Entertainment

The young man took to his Instagram account to thank the girl. He said you are my angel, and he expressed himself in a way that people blasted him and questioned the responsibility of the girl's parents. Many said the girl was an underage girl, some suggested he should have engaged her.

If you are the parent of this girl, how would you react? Seeing your little girl who you sent to school in this manner, how would you react? Is this boy wrong to have bought a car for this girl, and is this girl too young to have a boyfriend?

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