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Sonnie Badu launches “Lion over frogs” T-shirt amid degrees saga

tweaked 'Lion over Frogs' shirt in the midst of gigantic savages over his 4 degrees acquired in 4 months. A shirt costs $100, cedis identicalness is GH? 577.00. 

In a post by the UK based Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Pastor and creator, the marked shirt are available with just 100 pieces accessible. (100 restricted release shirts). 

As indicated by the creator of 'The Decoded Mystery of Worship', the income that will be produced from the deals of this shirt will be given to a companion of his (Kwame Atta Tenadu) who's been determined to have Multiple Sclerosis. 

40-year-old Kwame Atta Tenadu has been experiencing Multiple Sclerosis for as long as 9 years. 

Moving on from Cape Coast Polytechnic and GIMPA, Kwame proceeded to seek after BSc in Construction Management at KNUST. 

During his examinations at KNUST, Kwame was burdened with gentle Multiple Sclerosis which instantly got extreme as time advanced. 

Sharing the fine art of the marked shirt via online media, Sonnie Badu composed; 

"Assuming you love me, if it's not too much trouble, help me save my companion… Please head to my site and request your shirt .. The cost is $100 USD. And all returns will go to my companion and his family. I'm just printing 100 restricted version shirts. I believe you will assist me with doing this". 

Dr Sonnie Baduu has for as long as couple of weeks been driving on the moving tab via web-based media following his professes to have obtained 3 degrees inside four months. 

The degrees he professes to have been granted are; Bachelor's certificate in Ministry, a Master's in Christian authority and a PhD (Doctorate) in Musicology. 

Sonnie was met with doubt after he showed his got degrees in a post via web-based media, a subject everybody has shared an idea on. 

In any case, in the bit of occasions, his college (Trinity International University Ambassadors (TIUA), the University that is accounted for to have granted him the degrees) delivered a press explanation affirming his degrees.

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