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My Brother Don't Kill Yourself: Even God Doesn't Understand Them, How Much Less You Mere Mortal?

You don't have to kill yourself as a man to please a woman, no matter what because it is part of their DNA - incapacity to be pleased or be understood. Many attempts at pleasing them have ironically resulted in the loss of lives of many great men.

Bible story tells us that Samson in an attempt to please Delilah, revealed the source of his strength and the next thing he was captured.

King Arthur of the round table, King Arthur of Camelot in an attempt to please Guinevere received Lancelot to his round table and the next thing was Guinevere having an affair with Lancelot.

Hamlet unable to understand the reason his mother, Getrude could quickly marry his uncle, Claudius less than a month of his father's death surmised, "Frailty thy name is woman!"

Who could have thought that the wife of 27 years standing of Bill Gate could seek divorce on the grounds of infidelity whereas others will kill just to be in her shoes? Infact some will actually arrange women for him. How can you understand them or attempt to please them?

As a son of pastor whose home served as his office as well, marital issues never ceassed to come before my father. The irony of the complaints were that the problems as presented by some were the solution as desired by others.

Whereas some women cried for more sex, others cried for too much of the same. Whereas others complained about husbands being home all the time, others complained about those who were never there. Whereas some demanded more money, others felt their husbands thought money is all there is to marriage.

One of the co-panelists on Angel FM during one of Captain Smart's morning shows indicated she did not understand why men complain that women are unappreciative and cannot be pleased. For her if the very God that created women doesn't understand them then how much less a mere mortal. She went on to explain her argument, asking the host whether he is aware women are created with beautiful eyebrow yet shave them only to redraw them with pencil.

Bottomline: you can only do so much for your woman but you shouldn't kill yourself for them because even that won't please them. Just remember and always remember to treat them like you will treat your sister or mother or would have loved your sister or mother to be treated. That should be enough on your part as a man. The rest is for them to decide.

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