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Ghana 4×100m Men's Relay Team Qualified But Later On They Were Disqualified; This is The Main Reason

The latest news circulating in Ghana about the Ghana 4×100 Men's relay team is that, they couldn't make the final because they were disqualified after they were announced to have qualified right after the 4×100m relay race.

Today, the Ghanaian 4×100m men's relay team took part of the 2022 Commonwealth games' 4×100m relay. The men who took part, Sean Safo-Antwi, Benjamin Azamati, Barnabas Aggerh and Sameenu finished 3rd of the race and Ghanaians were happy to hear the news and see that but in some minutes the team was disqualified.

Reason why team Ghana was disqualified

Team Ghana was disqualified because they had at the last minute made a decision to rest Joseph Paul Amoah on the anchor leg. However, they did not inform race officials one hour to the race, as the rules require. 

Viewers on TV may have noticed that just before the race, it was Amoah's name that flashed on the screen, and not Abdul Rasheed Sameenu, who was actually on the track.

Ghana fielded Sean Safo-Antwi, Benjamin Azamati, Barnabas Aggerh and Sameenu, in that order. Despite their finishing third in 39.05s, Ghana will have to watch the final from the sidelines. 

Gambia take the place of Ghana in the final of the Commonwealth Games 4x100m men's race after a technical violation.

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