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Northerners in fear after being cursed by a spiritual woman about voting for the Npp and Bawumiah

Politics has its ups and downs and many controversies and we are here again with another powerful message from a woman who has rained curses on people who will be voting in the coming elections. The new patriotic party is currently having options concerning people who should be candidates.

This is going to be difficult because all of the candidates are potential handlers of the position as flag bearer. The Vice President, his excellency Muhamadu Bawumiah who hails from the northern region is currently a sacrificial lamb according to this lady.

Must people from the northern region only vote for a person who hail from the northern region? This will do no good but infringe on the democratic rights of the people from the northern region. This lady claims Bawumiah should only be the person who northerners should vote for and not any other person because if anyone does that, the spirits of their forefathers will come after them.

This is sending a lot of message and creating some reaction on the media on why she will say something like this. One must not be an Akan before voting for an Akan president and this applies to all the other tribes.

The woman after raining her curses on the people has being reacting to comments under her post as well. Northerners are also in fear of their lives for the threat which was posted in the open even though many believe that this does not make any sense and will never work.

People are advised to ignore all threats especially now that people are eager to have many people on their side for election sake. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions and personal choices. As a result, any form of threat from anyone should be treated as irrelevant. But if anyone threatens you in anyway that makes you unsafe and uncomfortable, see the police.

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