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4 Reasons Why Most Women Avoid Their Husbands At Night

Here are 4 reasons most women avoid their husbands at night.

1. Don't apologize if you're wrong.

As a man, you need to understand that you are married, and no matter what happens in your married life or at home, you need to learn to apologize when you are wrong.

You can't hurt your wife during the day and seek her attention at night because you want to take her to another room.

Learn to always apologize when you are wrong. If you value your relationship or marriage.

2. In a relationship, you only care about yourself.

You need to remember that now you have a wife and you need to get her opinion or take her with you in your daily activities. Not only that, you are now married, learn to respect and love your wife.

Marriage should be 50/50 in terms of decision making. Don't just make your own decisions, this is an alliance, not a military front.

3. You are not a romantic person.

Women like romantic men, men who understand how she feels and make her feel good, but some men are not romantic at all when it comes to relationships or marriage.

You need to learn to be gentle and romantic with your wife every day, not when you want to take her to another room, before showing signs of a romantic husband.

4. Don't pay attention to your body, smell and sweat.

As a man, it is good to take a shower and look good at least twice a day.

Remember to take a shower before going to bed, no matter what women like pure men. No woman wants to hurt a man who sweats a lot. It kills a woman's mood.

Look and smell good before bed. Learn to change your underwear after two days of use. Women like pure men.

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