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Busted: Woman uses soap to wash salad and other vegetables to sell at the market. Watch video

There is the need to be very careful at places you buy your foodstuffs. Some market women only think about the profit they will get after selling and not the wellbeing of the customers.

In a video which is trending online, a woman is being captured in a video using soap to wash her salad vegetables. These salads and vegetables will be sent to the market after washing.

It is good to wash our fruits and vegetables but not with soap. Soap is not something we eat. Some of the salad had gone bad and dirty and the woman is trying to use the soap to make it nice to attract people to buy.

In the video, the woman was still doing it despite being caught.

This is sad and it advised to know and get a genuine place to buy your foodstuffs stuffs after proper investigations. Some market women are just wicked.

Please watch the full video here.

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