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"NPP Abanga," Is Challenging Nana B, For NPP's Youth Organizer and He's From John Boadu's Camp. PICS

Npp Abanga is a renowned social media personality of the New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom), with a fast growing following of over 3,100 people and politically, he has his eyes, set on the very position, been held by Lawyer Henry Nana Boakye, who is the party's National Youth Organizer.

Abanga, who has stopped at nothing on his Facebook page posts, together with a growing number of his supporters, have been mounting a well organized campaign for this enviable and influential position in the ruling party, for several weeks now, even before the party officially opens campaign and nomination processes.

Abanga, has been very vocal on literally all trending issues of politics and as expected, has been very defensive of every Nana Addo led governments policies, actions and even flaws. Interestingly however, his DP and Cover Picture on the social media platform, may reveal a far deep rooted issue.

His lifelong support of the Party's General Secretary, John Boadu is obvious, as he has used his nicest pictures, as his cover and display pictures, clearly, he has a soft spot for his leadership and is not afraid to show it, to the world.

However, analytically, this unveils that, he may well be the General Secretary's choice over the seeming "very confident" candidature of Lawyer Nana B, who has already embarked on a national campaign to recapture and maintain his seat, as the party's Youth Wing leader and Organizer.

It is worth noting that, the proposed national delegates conference, which will see the election of party officers is several months away and as expected of the party dynamics, many have had to start campaigning, despite been very unofficial early, to avoid big looses and obvious surprises.

What is known now, for instance is the fact that, many big wigs in the party, are hopeful that, John Boadu is removed from the strategic position of the party's General Secretary, as according to such influential voices, the "position may well be too big for him" and the need for someone, who can well soldier on this work, which requires more boosting.

Remember that, the NPP's performance in the just ended elections was very abysmal as compared to the 2017 win, despite having just big promises then, but actually having big policy implementations of key promises such as Free SHS and One-District-One-Factory, up their sleeves, this time around.

Especially when the party is embarking on a near-impossible task to see the "Eight-Broken," which according to political analysts, will be historic and a well planned re-thinking perspective, that the country has never allowed before, there are calls for John Boadu's change.

John Boadu too, who is yet to officially announce his bid again for the position, will in no way back down from giving anyone who deems himself fit to contest, a run for his money and hence, many believe that, it is his camp, who is officially promoting the candidature of NPP Abanga.

The major threat to John Boadu's position of the top scribe of the party, is surprisingly in the person of Sammi Awuku, who is currently the party's National Organizer. Despite not yet announcing his interest in the said position, which makes the holder a leader of the party, in the absence of a flagbearer, he has intimated that, he is not going for the Organizer position again.

This has given many, a hint, that, his next position is the General Secretary position. Sammy Awuku, has built a solid reputation in the Party, from his days at TESCON, on the Legon Campus and rose through the ranks, even as a National Youth Organizer, to his current position.

Persons, supporting his candidature asserts that, since he was responsible for the youth wing, whose organized efforts, helped the NPP to win massively in the 2016 elections and his well received reputation among the general youth populace of the party, he is the obvious replacement for John Boadu.

Fast forward, very little is known about NPP Abanga, aside his advocacy on social media and his well known brand, among the grassroots as well. In several posts cited about him, many sing praises of him.

For instance, some of the ones seen, where he was tagged in Facebook posts, include the following:

Seebyyou Seebyyou writes "We call him the TRANSFORMER! Making no one someone. Npp Abanga. May God-like award you long life in intelligence and strength, daddy

Lukman Aliu writes "The hope of the youth Obiaa bɛdi di.

Npp Rez Pounds writes "It’s Obiaa b3 didi ooo. Npp Abanga incoming NYO

Abanga's catch phrase, "Obiaa bɛdi di," translated "everyone will chop some" may well be one of his trump cards as well, as he advocates for every member of the party, to chop some of Ghana's money.

Clearly, his perspective is that, some few people are "chopping" the monies and it must be expanded, for several others to enjoy as well. Such concerns, have been ripe in the party, ever since they have been in power. Persons like Abronye, has consistently been on the heels of several people in the NPP, who according to him, have been over enjoying, despite not been part of the workforce, which brought Nana Addo to power.

Again, many NPP top hierarchy, have been associated with the galamsey menace and according to Abronye, their self-enriching illegal activities, have aided in making the Nana Addo-led government largely unpopular, despite several initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of Ghanaians. This reasoning, are some of the reasons, that have emboldened the NDC and the #FixTheCountry campaign, to be able to criticize the governance of Nana Addo.

Most recently however, he even sued the decision to pay Rebecca Akuffo-Addo and Samira Bawumia, in what he resisted passionately, as they undeserving of such backdated salaries.

With the days for official campaigning and subsequent elections getting closer, we can only wait to see how it all puns out. Will Nana B, be retained? Will Sammy Awuku Contest and Become NPP's General Secretary? or John Boadu will be maintained? Can the NPP even break the eight? Who will represent the party? Will Bawumia suffer the same fate of Aliu Mahama? These and many questions, despite begging for immediate answers, can only wait till then.

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