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"I Thought As Much You're Arrogant" - Jim Ike Boldly Told By A Ghanaian Journalist.

Quophi Okyeame couldn't mince words as he boldly told Jim Ike about one of his perceptions about him. Coincidentally Quophi Okyeame's perception is exactly what most people hold about the Nigerian movie star.

In an interview on Angel FM, Quophi Okyeame made this enquiry from Jim Ike ;

" What has been the worst public perception about you?" Quophi Okyeame enquired.

"Well, they say Jim Ike is arrogant" Jim Ike replied.

"' That's exactly my perception about you. To be frank. I thought as much" Quophi Okyeame didn't hide his feelings about the Nigerian star.

" Well, you can feel me now. You know that Jim Ike is not arrogant. Many people misinterprete me" Jim Ike corrected the public perception.

Well, to those who feels that Jim Ike is arrogant, he has served you a new sheet about his life. He said, he is so free and easy-going. Quophi Okyeame who boldly told him Face-to-face can also understand things now.

Jim Ike is in Ghana for a movie premiere. Do you also misinterpret self respect to be arrogance?

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