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Angry women attack journalist reporting dirty market in Kumasi.

It was a bad encounter in a terrible scene in Kumasi this morning as aggressive market woman attack one of the underground journalist in Ghana. From what we observed from the video which was circulating on social media platforms, the Journalist introduced the market as Dr Mensah Market in Kumasi.

The journalist stated that, Dr Mensah Market in Kumasi has been enguf with dirty and all the gutters are chocked hence market women are still embarking on their trading activities without saying a word.

As the journalist was giving destials about the whole scene aggressive market women champion by one of them attack the journalist as she prevent him from taking pictures of the dirty grounds in Dr Mensah Market in Kumasi.

From the words of the Woman, the journalist will always come there and record them. He will then put them on social media unaware and people will be talking about them. She insist that the cup of the underground journalist is full and no way to sell the bad things outside.

"Kumasi is not the only dirty place in Ghana and you always come here to video us. We will not allow today and we will not allow you tommorow to record us again. We are it is dirty but we are better than other places. Next time don't come to Dr Mensah Market to report about it's dirty nature" - Aggrieve Woman attack Journalist.

Below are some pictures proving the dirty state of Dr Mensah Market in Kumasi Ashanti Region of Ghana

Before the attack, the journalist made it clear that anytime Otumfour will be visiting that place, it will be kept tidy. But just after the visit rubbish will be gathered and it will be smelling like hell.

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