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Flying car successfully makes inter-airport flight

Science fiction has finally been made reality. Over the years there has been promising attempts to make flying cars possible and none were this promising, on June 28th 2021, Klein vision's patented 'AirCar' completed its 142nd successful landing in Bratislava at 6:05AM. After landing, at a click of a button the aircraft transformed into a sports car in under three minutes and was driven to downtown Bratislava.

Klein tested the aircraft himself, flying into town for reporters and residents to watch. But the aircraft isn't ready to automatically flown out of your driveway just yet. It cannot take-off and land vertically and requires a runway. 

The hybrid car-aircraft takes two minutes and 15 seconds to transform from car into aircraft, according to BBC and was made to complete a 35-minute flight between two airports in Slovakia. It is equipped with a BMW engine, runs on regular petrol-pump fuel and has clocked 40 hours in the air. Stefan Klein created the aircraft and said it could fly up to 600 miles at about 8,200 feet. The aircraft can reach about 106 mph and is described as a "pleasant" and "normal" ride according to Klein. Klein said the aircraft took two years to build and about $2.3 million. 

It is the aim of the company to make this breakthrough commercial, Anton Zajac, an adviser and investor in Klein Vision, told the BBC that there are about 40,000 orders of aircraft in the United States alone," Zajac said. "If we convert 5% of those, to change the aircraft for the flying car – we have a huge market.

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