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More military takeovers are bound to happen - Eng Prof

The ranging popular Military Coup d'etat in Guinea has forced Eng Prof to provide an antidote on why more coups are bound to happen in the subregion.

In a write-up on Facebook, on Tuesday Eng Prof cited state institutions specifically the courts as complicit, saying instead of them acting as responsible gatekeepers for checks and balances they are rather supervising abuse of power contrary to the duties imposed on them by the Constitution.

According to Eng Prof, as long as institutions are weak or serve as instruments of intrusive executive manipulation, coups are bound to happen to do what he calls a factory reset.

"If courts or institutions of check and balances whose duties are to enforce the constitution by curtailing abuses of power, but instead serving as an instrument for intrusive manipulation by executives or appointing authorities, military takeovers are bound to happen because it is the only option to do a factory reset. Thank you Dumbouya."

Meanwhile, according to reports on this subject in history, the 44th POTUS of the United States of America, Barack Obama on his official tour of Ghana as president under the Mills government told a public lecture in the Parliament of Ghana that, building strong institutions is the surest way to build a progressive country, it appears this is what Eng Prof is trying to put across.

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