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High blood sugar and how diabetes could cause serious complications when not treated

Diabetes is a chronic and dangerous disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Depending on the types of diabetes you have been diagnosed with, there is need to act quickly and effectively in finding a lasting solution for Diabetes.

Diabetes is growing rapidly accross this continent, with millions of patients being diagnosed with different types of diabetes and still many more still lack basic knowledge about this disorder and how it could be controlled and prevented.

There are so many signs and symptoms of diabetes, with frequent urination and blurred vision among the most common symptoms. Without having any medical attention to diabetes, complications such as glaucoma, Cataract, vision loss, stroke and hypertension could arise if not treated properly.

,But the good news is that you can reverse diabetes naturally and without having any complications. With advanced treatment on diabetes and high blood glucose, regenerative drugs can now be used for reversing diabetes and it's Complications. 

Health is wealth, without proper medical facilities people are dying from diabetes, but with research on regenerative Pancreatic solutions, there is hope for victims of this deadly disease

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