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How I Spent My Last College Vacation


The name of my college is Archbishop Unison. Every year before the final examination was over ,I like to plan for the things I would be doing during my college vacation .Before my last vacation ,I made couple of commitment to myself and I am more than the word ''excited' 'I had always wanted to play the cello .The instrument has always caught my fancy and it is something that I had always wanted to own. After the exams, I requested my dad to purchase me a brand new cello for me ,which he accepted to .Next ,I joined orchestra and God being so good ,there was a music tutor in the same resident I live.

  Every single day of my vacation ,I walked to the music tutor's house for a cello lesson, not a single day did I miss .I must confess that playing cello professionally isn't easy .Nevertheless, enjoyed it as it was a passion.

  Also , apart from attending the cello lesson during my last college vacation ,I also prepared for the academic session. I had already purchase the books in advance and studied for a couple of hours everyday .Though I was no compulsion on when to study ,I preferred anytime in the afternoon as it was mostly quite planned and scheduled my time in such a way that I got some time to play after the music class.

       Vacations will surely come every year but what's crucial is how one spends them. In fact ,my last college vacation has made e aware that ''The more usefully one spends his or her vacation the more happy and contented he or she would be''.

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