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Jesus Is Satan According To The Bible?

Many critics of Christianity have claimed that Jesus is Lucifer according to the Bible. Even some Christians take offense at both Jesus and Satan being referred to using the same imagery. . But where does the misunderstanding come from. In the Revelation 22 and Isaiah 14, both Satan and Jesus are being referred to as Morning Stars.

Here are the verses:

" How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! " – Isaiah 14: 12

" I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star. " – Revelation 22: 16

If we are to take everything in the bible literal, this would mean that Jesus is THE MORNING STAR who was cast down to the earth. The bible was written by people who were under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It is therefore this same Spirit that illuminates people' s hearts to understand what the bible is actually saying.

Both Jesus and Satan are shining stars. In fact the bible called THE LORD a Sun, but does that mean God is a Sun? No way! Satan and Jesus are each referred to as a Star of Morning or Day Star, but the contrast between them could not be more profound.

Isaiah 14 was not talking about Jesus, but rather Satan who out of pride wanted to be like the Most High God, but was cast down to earth. Satan was a shining angel and the most beautiful of all God' s angels before he was driven out of heaven.

Jesus Christ on the other hand is not only the true and lasting light of morning, but he was the first light, with God at the beginning. Satan was a morning star. Jesus, as God incarnate, the Lord of the universe, is the BRIGHT and morning star. Jesus is the most holy and powerful " light" in all the universe.

So, while both Jesus and Satan can be described as " morning stars, " in no sense is this equating Jesus and Satan. Satan is a created being. Jesus is not.

What do you think of the two verses? Should we take them literal? Your comments are welcomed. Don' t forget to follow me for more of such stories.

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