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Husband and wife relationship

2 Breaking Words You Should Never Tell Your Woman

Issues of love are sometimes so complicated that the ordinary mind can't understand. Significant others will love and trust themselves for a very long time and before and before they see issues of life come in to divide them. And most of the time these are caused by when one is trying to say he or she is superior to the other.

In this article I am writing o 2 breaking words that a man should never break his woman with.

You don't’ deserves me

Everyone deserve love no matter who he or she is, his or her shortcomings and limitations. And no man or woman can say he or she is superior than the other because life and time changes.

There are people who get noticed or make it in life earlier than others but before they could say jack people there least expected will come to the limelight faster than even them.

Therefore as a man or a husband, you don’t have to tell your wife or fiance that she doesn't deserve you because maybe things are going well for you today. The woman you are saying doesn't deserve may become a big mama unexpectedly so never tell her she does not deserve you. Because the rejected stone will one day become the chief corner stone.

And also a lot of women are people who cannot carry pain for a longer period. So your words can really reduce their happiness and personality when there is peace in their heart. Therefore never break your own woman’s heart with such a breaking phrase.

I am the one who made you who you are

In life everyone has a person or persons who is born to be a helper to one way or the other. And therefore if through some efforts of yours, your own woman or wife has been to the top, is a plus to you but not a way to bring him down.

Never bring your wife or woman down with i made you kind of phrase because it is your responsibility as a lawful husband to help raise your woman’s standard. As a man your duty is to cultivate your wife just as it stated in Genesis.  That is to take good care of her physically, emotionally and financially. And hers is to be a helper to you in all forms each and everyday. And when you do that, she will respect you, honor, obey and submit to you in all ways.

She will consider you the man as her all in all and will serve you much so that she will not lose you to any other woman. And finally she will honor you to the world.

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