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Agric minister in trouble as Captain Smart goes after him over missing fertilizer

The honourable minister of Agriculture has found himself in the "red zone" of Captain Smart over Ghana's missing fertilizer. In the early hours of Wednesday 21st July 2021, On Onua TV's Onua Maakye, Captain Smart made some serious allegations about the minister of Agric on why Ghana is suffering a shortage of fertilizer currently and a detriment to the success of the Planting for Food and Jobs this year. In his submission, Captain Smart asserted that Ghana government has lost gh¢ 371 million over the missing fertilizer.

He continued that, the minister of Agric went to the northern parts of Ghana to monitor and stop the missing of the fertilizers. "Mr Akoto Ampaw witnessed donkeys lined up with bags of fertilizer on their backs and moving towards Burkina but looked on without questioning who was behind it or why the fertilizers were being moved out of Ghana", Captain pointed out. "Why couldn't you stop the donkeys with all your guards around you, as a whole Agric minister", he queried.

Captain continued to question the claim by Mr Akoto Ampaw that food was in abundance and low priced. "Have you visited the various markets to know the price of plantain to have drawn the conclusions that food was cheaper", Smart asked. He concluded by saying that the only thing that the current leaders know how to do best is to talk, but they fail to take action when necessary.

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