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Must Watch: 13-Year-Old Girl Who Is Slowly Turning Into Stone Got People Crying For Her Situation.

Health is not valued until sickness comes. Life is very difficult for some people and to some extent, everyone. It is a sure fact that everyone has bad days in his or her life. In today’s article, I will be writing about a thirteen-year-old girl who is literally turning into a stone. She is called Dieviney a 13-year-old girl whose skin is turning into a stone and most people in his community call her names like a Dinosaur, Beast, and a lot more.

Devaney’s father, Deho, narrates the situational story of his daughter. My daughter’s condition is making us restless as we have tried several means to get her well. She is my only daughter with my fifth wife. We became surprised as we see our daughter turning into stone day after day. She was born normally just like any other baby. We took care of her and right after three months, her skin started changing. She started developing dimples and transgressed into something else we could no longer control. We had no option but to take our daughter to the nearest hospital.

When we took Devaney to the hospital, the doctors could not diagnose her problem and told us there was nothing they could do about it. We brought her home and her mother kept applying baby powder on her skin just to reduce her pain but that could not solve her problem. Though the doctors said they cannot do anything about it but it was just a hospital in the village and if we could take her to the city, she could be treated but poverty was a barrier.

For eight years, Devaney could not move her body. She was always sleeping. Her mom always carried her to the hospital. When she turned 8, surprisingly, she started walking. At this stage, her skin has turned black and smells very bad. children in the village beat her up and abuse her in many ways. Parents in the village have advised their children not to get close to that “animal” as they say.

We have sold everything that we have to take care of our daughter. She is the best student in her class but all students do not go close to her.

Watch the video below;

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