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Tips To Look Expensive Yet Simple

We always want to look good and expensive yet worried about the money involved to get all the designer outfits trending. But trust me, you don’t always need a designer outfit to look chic and dripping. You just need to add up simple things to get that drip. Lucky you, that is what we are going to discuss today in this article.

Tips To Look Expensive In An Outfit

1. Jewelry: Most people think putting on many jewelry makes them look expensive but it is a “BIG NO”. Simple is the best and the most beautiful - they attract attention too. Just go ‘low key’ with jewelries and make sure to match them with either your bag, shoe, belt or even cap or hat.

2 Tuck-In:

Leaving your shirt or long top on trousers or skirts gives you a casual look and does not command the ‘expensive me’ energy. Always tuck-in the shirt or top to make you look put together and beautiful.

3 Footwear:

Pay attention to what you wear on your feet. Your dress, makeup and jewelries might be on point but your footwear will spoil the whole fashion game. Choose beautifully designed footwear not necessarily branded, which will perfectly blend with the whole outfit. Take note of the occasion/event you are attending since not all footwear suites every occasion.

4 Go For Monochrome Dresses:

Styling patterned dresses can be very difficult because any little blend mistake will have your whole outfit looking weird. Opt for a plain colored or monochrome dress and you will have less issues with styling. One fun part about monochrome dresses is you can combine same dress with other apparels for a number of times with no one noticing.

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These are a few tips to make you catch the crowds’ attention and command respect with your outfit.

Do you have other tips? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like and follow for more fashion tips and advice.

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