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Greater Accra on another Flood. Check out the Cause.

The October month has started badly in mother Ghana. On today's update, certain areas in Accra couldn't withstand the heavy rain fall which stared from Thursday 30th September till the morning of October 1 , 2021.

Areas such as Kaneshie First light, Adabraka Sahara and Abbosey Okai were seriously affected by the rain and hence was wrapped with great flood.

It has been confirmed that, the main cause of the flood at such areas were triggered by some heavy vehicular traffic.

The aggregation of these vehicles in the aboved mentioned areas was caused by the reconstruction of the Kwame Nkurumah circle which was recently carried away by the same floods issues.

This construction project was further linked up with the Kaneshie roundabout which finally yield to such traffic. The various paths for the rain was blocked by these vehicles and as a result they extended their banks.

Infact this is one of the saddest new to hear this morning, the flood has really caused great damage to a lot of people and properties respectively.

Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Kwarteng William (via Opera News )


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