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"4 More To Do Bogus", "4 More To Calm Us Down" - Deborah Angrily Speaks

Indeed, a beautiful young lady with the name Deborah has poured out her emotional trauma concerning the current status of Ghana under the current leaders or regime.

This lady in question called Deborah seemed so disturbed as well as furious about the current condition of Ghana under the leadership of the current regime.

Sincerely, Deborah angrily speculated to the media publicity that Ghana leaders specifically Akufo Addo and his bureaucrats should fix the country and stop assulting people.

According to Deborah, she doesn't care of what ever Akufo Addo and his thug will do to her because she's tired and must stand and speak the truth.

In addition, Deborah vowed that the "4 more 4 Nana to do more" isn't what they're in power doing, but rather messing up and stealing as well.

Again, people were saying that Efia Odo is a prostitute and now that she has engaged herself in fix the country protest they're assulting her which ended her up in police custody. Deborah angrily speculated.

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