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Five factors that will make any woman fall deeply in love with you.

This a message to all men all over the world and the message is how to make a girl fall in love with. It doesn't have age bracket. A young lady called Pretty Precious has explained what men suppose do to make a woman fall for you.

1. Put her first.

This means you should give her attention because every woman loves attention. There are a lot of men out there who has a lot of money but sometimes their women end up outside. It's not also because the man is not keeping her well but attention is what she need too. If you give your woman attention she is most likely to be yours.

Pretty Precious said, guys that are very romantic and the best are Nigeria guys. She also conceded gym guys as one of those who also have much attention for ladies.

2. Respect and care for her.

If she says I can't come to your house don't be angry, if she says I'm not in a mood don't touch her, if she says she on her heat period, understand her, find what she wants and give her support.

3. Be open with your emotions.

We have guys out there if they love a woman, they found it difficult to tell and they do play with her which they may end up losing her. If you really want her to fall for you, let your emotions be known to her because you go to a lady and say you want her to be your friend, and then at the end of the day if the lady is out with someone, you turn to tell her that you wanted to propose her. Tell her exactly what you want and she may fall for you.

4. Make her comfortable and relax.

Been a brother, friend, father and a boyfriend to her. Most of times you need to be fun but don't be rigid. When you start doing these things, she will always want to bee with you because each time of your presence should be something she might want.

5. Shower her with gifts.

Ladies love surprise gifts but not necessarily a gift that she will be aware before you buy. Buying gifts for her is very important but don't over do it because, if you over do it from the beginning, she will feel like you are a fraud guy.

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