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SSNIT to delete your name from payroll with 3000 other pensioners if you have this problem

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SSNIT office has faced a problem on thirteen thousand, four hundred and fifty one person's about their pensions due to matchings of names and dates of birth.

Be fast on this situation before you are found at the darker part with your payment

"It said presently, there were about 13,451 *pensioners, 72 years and above, who received monthly pensions* , but were yet to complete or renew their pensioner certificates".

“All such pensioners should visit the nearest SSNIT office to renew or complete their Pensioner Certificates,”

So Carry your certificate along as you go for the update.

The release said those with mobility challenges might contact SSNIT to schedule a home visit for the completion or renewal of their pensioner certificates

The ssnit also urge that people who have this problem should come with their Ghana cards to merge their names as proves.

Other uses of the Ghana card is for clear identifycation of the individual holding it at the office.

It also means that you are not a thief or standing in there to corrupt someone else identity.

It's also a means of making our work easy and faster during the processing of the individual documents.

The SSNIT argued " explaining the pensioner certificates, were issued to pensioners, aged 72 who retired under PNDCL 247 and 75 years for those who retired under Act 766 and renewed annually.

“This is a mechanism put in place by the Trust to ensure that pension is paid to only retirees who are alive.

“Pensioners who fail to renew their Pensioner Certificates are deemed to be deceased and their names consequently deleted from the Pensioners’ Payroll,” it said."

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