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A Look At A Tribe That Paint Themselves With Clay And Dress With Leaves To Attract Suitors.

The autochthonous tribes have been comminuted their bodies with pulverized minerals for thousands of years in remote Omo Valley in Africa, where the earliest known rests of Homo Sapiens are found. More than 500,000 original tribals live in the Lower Omo Valley in south-western Ethiopia, east South Sudan and around Turkana Lake in Northern Kenya. Many agribusiness craftsmen live near the river or lake during the dry season, but when the rainfall comes back to the grasslands. The young men are liable for grassing the cattle and have slathered long on clay in order to prevent sunburn. Colours are used for managing the ritual position, preventing illness, attracting suitors.

Why clay and leaves?

According to the belief of the Omo tribe, clay contains extraordinary powers that can make people love you unconditional when you use it to paint your face. They believe that the clay is mix with the body of their ancestor so therefore belief the clay can resist any form of spiritual attack coming to them unknowingly.

The leaves and flowers that they also use around them believe not to be ordinary leaves. It contains some spiritual powers for attraction. Every family in the tribe have specific leaves or flowers that they use. The use of specific leaves or flower by a family in the Omo tribe has not been revealed yet.

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