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Guys, Just do these simple things to make her happy in the relationship

In a relationship, nothing is more important than your partner's happiness, loyalty and trust. In this article, I will be sharing with you simple ways you can make your girlfriend ecstatic.

Here are some of the simple things you can do to make your girlfriend happy -

1.Take her to a place that 'she' loves and ask 'her' to order! Girls love when their guys let them be the boss.

Pay for the meals. When you are comfortable in talking about finances, then you can decide who should pay and how often according to the budget, but when the relationship is new, conventionally the guy should be the one who should pay - otherwise the girl will think you're a cheap miser! It's not the amount that matters (I mean, even girls can easily afford 2-3K for a date!) but what matters is your heart which is visible when you take out your wallet.

When you get a first salary - give her some amount from that! That shows how much you respect her. Again, it's not about the amount, but it's about the love.

2. When you have an important decision to make - Discuss things with her! This will make her feel important and prominent part of your life. You can do what you want to do, but at least involve her in the decision making process to make her feel valuable.

3. Send her messages randomly. Now I am a writer, so I keep on sending handwritten letters, e-mails and long messages to my boyfriend, but when he does it (even if the grammar is screwed and it is full of spelling mistakes) - I love it! Not because he has done it, but because it is something that he doesn't do it daily. So don't do it daily, the thing will lose it's value - do it occasionally and let your girlfriend fall in love with you. Randomly send her good morning and good night messages. She will love it!

4. Whenever you meet her, do kiss her forehead. Girls love being kissed at forehead more than cheeks or lips. It gives us a sense of being like a 'little-baby' and 'protected'. My guy is taller than me, and when he does it, I feel like climbing on him and hugging him back, I feel like his baby at that time.

Hold her hand, and keep on kissing it - even though she asks you to stop - believe me she doesn't want you to stop - she's just enjoying it as much as you are! These tiny little things are unique to every relationship, so you can do what you please - she's your girl after all.

Apart from this, there are many things that girls love specifically, these were general things that I believe every girl will love. Good luck!

Thanks for reading through. follow my page for more interesting write-ups.

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