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One Man Two Curses. Is Twene Jonas Going To Survive The Curse ?

For speaking unpalatable words against the overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom, popular youtube blogger Twene Jonas has been cursed by two different groups from the Ashanti region. Whilst others are making a mockery of the whole cursing thing, others are also scared for Twene Jonas. One of the parties who invoked curses on Twene Jonas killed an animal on the altar of their god to seal this curse with a blood covenant

I do not know where Twene Jonas stands in terms of his faith or belief but as harmless as splitting blood may be for someone hundred of miles away from the location where the blood was split, spirits that are invoked seeks to carry out their assignment especially when blood is involved. But curses are not an automatic license of destruction for anyone.

Curses are like chickens, they come home to roost. The question is was there truly any misdeed on the part of Twene Jonas against the overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom? In other words, has Twene Jonas done something against the King to warrant the manifestation of that curse against him?

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