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FixTheCountry alert: Flood in America after two hours of rains according to Fox FM

Ghanaians have been shown on small screens the better America by Jonas Twene and some others. In their dreams, they believed America doesn't have a problem because the system is working 24/7 but by some means somehow Ghana is governed by bad leadership, and this account shoddy works leading to flooding and high levels of poverty in the country.

Kumasi-based radio Fox FM has authored a picture online suggesting to portray an American city in Michigan also in a mess after two hours spots of rain.

In the picture, the flood displaces the under-bridge pass and not the over-ahead, we understand they want to score cheap political points with these photos but no way, their sand will not mix the gari of those who want better and better living conditions for Ghanaians according to critics.

The incident reported by Fox is a natural disaster and not manmade as no shoddy works will be done in the land of Heaven.

Fox FM is presumably against the development of Ghana and better lives for Ghanaians says Eng Prof, students of political science and a writer.

"if not who in his wildest imagination and tenacity will pull out these pictures to compare the flood in Ghana and that of a small city in Michigan. This is like comparing apples with oranges," he added.

He insisted that "The System is still working 24/7."

The Michigan governor has declared a state of emergency following fast falling rains that began on Friday.

The government by this declaration authorizes the federal agencies and state emergency departments to coordinate efforts to address the fallouts.

The proactiveness of the system and its response to natural disasters is different from the case in Ghana.

Last week when reports of small rains hit part of the country causing floods and making roads impassable our president didn't show up to at least sympathize with Ghanaians who were stranded as a result of the floods caused by poor drainage system.

This tells you that Ghana needs fixing and fixing starts from the leadership that is the conviction of FixTheCountry campaigners.

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