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I'm 22 and I'm in love with a married 40-year-old man

There is no limit to love. It is worth reading all the folklore, ancient poems and stories that admire the beautiful love stories. This is where I got my love for a romantic and unique love story. I loved reading love-believing books and wanted to find a soulmate in the corner of the city library, like a puppy in love. It was my own little fantasy.

But when you plan beautiful things in your mind, life tries to make it difficult for you to experience them. But I fell in love in the most natural way. What he always dreamed of. He loved old-fashioned romance, so his friend told him he was a 22-year-old girl-shaped grandmother. My heart wandered to love poetry and books, and that was when I met him on the final day.

As one of the few people who visited the library while flipping through books in search of an older version of Great Gatsby, he accidentally got out of the hands of a stranger who had the same book. I immediately let go and the knight smiles as soon as he sees me. "Are you looking for a big Gatsby too?" I nodded and he handed me a book. And finally, thanks so much. He said he could upload the Wuthering Heights next door. And that was the beginning of our conversation. He was a big fan of books, especially those with an old-fashioned scent that only our book lovers could understand. He seems to be about 45 years old. He had a different aura and seemed very familiar and warm to me. And I fell in love with him, depending on how he explained his love for Jay Gatsby. Yes, I fell in love with a stranger very easily.

A little romantic person in me screams about the opportunity. We met at the same library every week, where he talked about literature, poetry, and his favorite characters. Every time he talks about a book, his eyes sparkle and I like his company. This continued for a while as I was looking forward to the day at the library every week. It gave me hope. I was in love with him. I didn't know much about him, but his personality was enough to make me fall in love with him. I was older, but still my heart didn't stop.

Until one day he brought a girl. She was a cute girl who looked like a man. And it seems clear that she was his daughter. Nature. Why are some people as great as having no family? The three of us are sitting together while he talks to both of us about world literature. And when they left the library, I saw them both heading for a beautiful woman. After that, the three held hands and left. At that moment, I felt unbearable pain in my heart, which crushed my love. For some reason, I knew this love didn't make much sense, but I still fell in love with it.

He's still walking past the library and we're still talking. He probably didn't know I was in love with him. And I was a 22 year old woman and I fell in love with a married man, so I didn't want him to know that either. It was my little secret that I protected myself.

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