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4 Reasons You should be Sad & Sorry After Switzerland loses to Spain

As the Switzerland vs Spain match is concerned, the swiss did their best to win the game. But something happened and it was opportunity for Spain, but they couldn't utilize that opportunity leads to penalties.

Let's start with the reasons why I said it should be sad and sorrowful moment to all real fans of football, but not that, you are Spain or Switzerland fan. But football fan at large, let's move together to my Compilation reasons:

#1. At 60 something minutes, unfortunately for the swiss got red card.

The reason I put this point first, the Red card killed their morals and spirits and so doing 10 against 11 it's not easy for everything team that experiences such a thing. I think this was where their weakness started.

#2. The goalkeeper (Yann Sommer) made Marvelous saves at the ending part of the game.

This is so Sad to me because, he has done great work, but at the end they couldn't qualified to semi-final.

#3. Missed penalties from the swiss guy.

I think it was unbelievable and inconvenient, why because the same guys played the penalties last scored during their fight against France. I think I will leave question mark here for you to complete it. What happened??

#4. The own goal scored by them.

This too also something that would probably pains them, because they couldn't scored goal, for them the swiss they had a goal scored by Shaqiri.

With these points listed above are some procedural reasons, you should be so Sad and pray for them after they haven't won the game.

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