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Check out How African Pastors Are Taking Advantage of Innocent Congregation (Opinion)

Pastors who prey on their gullible followers to enrich themselves by building cult-like followings have been the subject of scandals in Africa. The majority of false pastors rely on miracles to give to their congregations what their hearts yearn for. Instead of preaching the redemption gospel, they preach the "mammon prosperity gospel."

Thousands of people flock to these so-called churches, paying exorbitant sums to those "men of God" who pledge to turn their misfortunes into eternal happiness. It has developed into a booming industry, and the majority of the people involved are extremely wealthy. Pastors with a sense of entrepreneurship have noticed this and are now selling different "faith" goods in churches.

The prevalence of churches should not be confused with a sudden interest in Godly living, but rather with what God can do for the person materially and physically. Christians who seek miracles are no different from those who seek healing from conventional healers.

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