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The Effects Of Dumsor On Ghana

In Ghana there's a lot of problem in our economy. As a result of that makes the nation lack some potentials for development. Some of these problem is the dumsor. Now we are going to consider the exact meaning of dumsor and the negative effects it has brought to the nation.

In Ghana, dumsor is a persistent irregular and unpredictable electric power outage. The frequent Ghanaian blackout is caused by power supply shortage. Dumsor has however affected the nation negatively. It has retards the development of the nation.

In this modern world, we all know that we can not leave comfortably without the help of electricity. Because all things we use now are based on electric power. For instance, the use of mobile phones and others devices need to be charged with electric current.

Here is the case that light goes on and off at anytime and this has also destroy the gadgets and machines of many industries.The nation loses the electric power unexpectedly. Now do you think dumsor can be resolved? How can it be resolved? Share your idea by commenting. Please like and follow me for more. Thanks you.

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