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Whether Jean Mensah Likes It Or Not, She Must Adopt Our Reforms - Joseph Yammin Boldly Declares

Even though the NDC boycotted the last Inter-party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meetings, they have come out with their electoral reforms, which they are entreating the Electoral Commission of Ghana to adopt.

The former Deputy Minister for the Ashanti Region, Joseph Yammin, has said that whether The EC chairperson, Jean Mensah likes it or not, her commission must adopt the electoral reforms proposed by the NDC.

Joseph Yammin made this statement on 'THE GUMBE SHOW' on tv XYZ yesterday when he gave his opinion on the NDC's Press Conference on their proposed electoral reforms to the EC.

According to Joseph Yammin, the NDC have to force Jean Mensah to agree to their electoral reforms. He thinks that they played with her during the 2020 election, but this time around, they must be forceful of her to show that they are serious about the reforms.

He indicated that if the NDC will continue and sit down thinking everything will go on as planned, these people will muscle them out in the 2024 election. 

"They are saying that they will break the eight years power cycle not because they've done something better for the country, but they are going to use force and intimidations, so we have to meet them squarely."

He said that NDC has the men to do more than whatever the NPP has been doing, but the point is that they respected them too much, but the NPP on other hand, doesn't respect them. So, this is the time that if they are unwilling to listen to them, then they have to stand up for their rights.

He revealed that Ghanaians are telling the NDC that they will vote for them, but is the NDC sure they can accept it? Because there is one thing voting and another thing counting the votes and finally declaring the results of the counted votes. So, the NDC must show that they are serious and aggressive to take back power from the NPP.

He added that they must go back to their old self, not to cause mayhem, but to stand up for their rights. The boys and girls are there, so all they need is the leadership to lead them.

At the moment, that is what is needed to free this country from the shackles of the NPP government. So, whether Jean Mensah likes it or not, the electoral reforms proposed by the NDC must be adopted by the Electoral Commission.


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