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Things You Should Never Say After Sex.

Have you ever had intimacy with a new partner, and immediately afterwards, they roll over and say something really dumb? Like, really, shockingly, unquestionably dumb? Something that, within seconds, brutally murders the prospect of getting naked with them ever again.

Even the most awkward of communicators should instinctively know that, when you're lying there together post-coitus, there are certain things you should just never say to your partner.

To begin, the worst thing a lady can ever say or talk about to a guy after sex is mentioning anything remotely about, related to, or concerning his mother. It will deflate that mood in less than a nanosecond. Trust me.

Secondly, we were raised to say “thank you” for any kindness that comes our way, and what can be kinder than a nice lady being super-cool to the genitals? But intimacy is, of course, the exception. Saying “thank you” after making love to your partner can be a very big turnoff and prompt a lot of thinking. The only time a “thank you” could be remotely defensible is if there were some sort of financial transaction involved, which of course brings up a whole other set of ethical issues.

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