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Efia Odo finally speaks on why she was not at the fix the country demo

Efia Odo who is one of the recent #Fixthecountry movement has finally spoken on the reason why she couldn’t make it to the fix the country demonstrations.

Speaking on PeaceFm, Efia Odo, indicated that they threatened to disfigure her face with acid bombs. And she suspects the current administration because her speeches went against them.

 “ I started getting death threats because I was speaking about the sitting government. They said they would throw acid in my face if I come to the demonstration. I don’t know who it is, but I was getting the calls. Even members of FixTheCountry group conveners were getting calls. They even played it on air. My Facebook got hacked, I no longer have my Facebook fan page” she said

Efia Odo also revealed the trauma her mother suffered from her participation in the #Fixthecountry demo was tormenting.

“God knows I love my mom, Everything I do is for my mum. So she is the reason why I really stopped. So the death threats, I didn’t really care about them. I would have gone. I didn’t care about those death threats and acid threats. It was my mom that I change my mind about the whole fix the country thing".

Click on the below link to watch.

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