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It is not advisable to sit or sleep under trees at night. This is why

Plants do breathe in Carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen during the day. During the night, it is the opposite.

Plants need a lot of substances available before it can breathe as expected. One major presence for the sun to breathe in carbon dioxide is Sunlight. During the night, there is no sunlight. This makes the plants to breathe in Oxygen instead of carbon dioxide.

If a person sleeps or sits under trees at night, the air around won't be healthy for that person. The air around will be full of carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. Breathing this kind of air into the body is not healthy.

This can cause suffocation in the chest.

However, it is best to sleep under or sit or even relax under trees during the day time.

There is enough and fresh air coming from trees during the day. This is very healthy for the body.

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