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"You were wrong ": Tv3's Anita Akuffo boldly told after fans raise concerns about her new look

Everyone knows her to be unique in her sense of fashion and she does so to the best of her ability, so she can still stay top notch in the fashion world. Anita Akuffo is one of the many who is a fashion inspiration and an icon that majority of the ladies do admire when it comes to decent fashion. In one of the episodes of the lifestyle television programme “The Ladies Circle”, Anita disclosed that she usually does not follow trends when it comes to fashion. She further went on to add that she rather prefers to stay unique in her own way.

Recent photos of hers that have popped up online depicting that she is currently outside Ghana. In Seychelles, catching some cruise and having fun, but not forgetting to abide by her fashion motivation as she continues to give one fashion inspiration after the other for our dear ladies and many are excited. And this excitement, seems to have gotten some people talking and somehow confused as they have referred her back to her earlier statement during the lifestyle show, The Ladies’ Circle. The internet hardly forgets especially here in Ghana where netizens have very sharp memories. 

After revealing that she does not follow trends, but prefers to influence people to do the same thing she does in terms of fashion, in some of her vacation photos has us seeing her wear similar clothing to that of upcoming songstress Hajia4real. Similar print design and similar dress design on both ladies and has caught the attention of some netizens who are quite surprised and confused at the similar fashion taste of both ladies although Hajia4real showed off hers earlier while Anita recently revealed hers although she said she does not follow trends; seems as though this coincidence has proved her wrong.

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