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"Wahala": Teacher Secretly Captured "Doing It" With Student In Classroom.

Sometimes I wonder what at all is wrong with youths especially students of this generation, as all the acts they indulge in, are unacceptable and very shameful to the society.

The moral decorum in our schools especially Senior High School has fallen into shambles as a new viral video has just confirmed the high rate of indiscipline in our secondary education sectors.

"Wahala" for the teacher, as a viral video spotted online captured moment, teacher is secretly recorded "doing it" with a student in a classroom.

In the viral video, the teacher was spotted grinding and striking the student sitting on a desk in the classroom, while other students, who the teacher thought have gone on break secretly record them.

Watch the video below;

Teachers are supposed to teach and give guidance to students and prepare them for the larger community. Because students they say, are the future of every country, but with what the teacher is doing with students, what do you think about the future?

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