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A lady has left many people stunned after revealing the reason why she was dumped by her boyfriend

One woman took to Twitter to find out why she was dumped. And people seem quite surprised by the reasons for his dismissal. It would not be an exaggeration to say that most people would probably be amazed as well. There is some evidence that the woman's tweet managed to attract the attention of many who followed her. And the black twitter quickly responded to the woman's tweet.

And the woman exposed him because he was dumped because he didn't have a vaccination certificate. There are a lot of vaccination certificates in South Africa these days. And someone is talking about passports or vaccination cards because rumors spread that in the future you will have to carry or show a vaccination card to enter certain places. However, this conversation continued.

With this in mind, readers should not be surprised if people are amazed at the reason for leaving the woman.

According to her, the woman said: "I got dumped because I didn't have a vaccination certificate"

There are some indications that the topic of this vaccination card will be open and discussed for a long time. It is worth remembering that South Africa is currently busy introducing a vaccine.

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