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Too Bad: Ghanaian Female Top Stars Make Small Boys in Nigeria Enter their “Kingdom” "Basa Basaa".

Ghana has always been known to be a country of peace and love. Our sense of hospitality is skyrocketing and many foreigners envy that part of us. Indeed, those are impressive and admirable gestures.

However, it doesn’t justify that our ladies, especially our top female artists, to be allowing some underground artists in Nigeria to be having an easy way to their pants like that. This is something many Ghanaians wouldn’t be proud of.

Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay expressed worry over why some female celebrities in Ghana make it very easy for some Nigerian underground artists to have their way with them.

According to Wendy, she is aware of some big celebrities in Ghana who are having intimate affairs with some new artists in Nigerian and that is very shocking to her.

This, she says is sad because top stars in Ghana are not given the opportunity to even penetrate the Nigerian market not to talk of dating their top stars.

Wendy believes it’s high time female celebrities in Ghana have a check on themselves and avoid such a form of disrespect because it’s part of the reason Ghana music is not doing so well.

“Our top stars not only musicians all you see is an underground artiste from Nigerian comes and is dating a top female star in Ghana…I can’t mention names but it’s the female celebrities I’ve seen do that…It’s heartbreaking.

I can’t mention names because if I do that, it will be like I’ve personalized the issue but it’s an observation I’ve made for some time now. Even the country as a whole, you’ll realize that we support outsiders than we support our own,” she said on Accra-based Peace FM.

Wendy Shay said in Nigeria, they will not open up for Ghanaian stars to date their big stars so the same should be replicated here in Ghana.

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