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Some military men have reacted to the military shootings at Ejura.

Following the recent clash, between some security forces, and some residents of Ejura, in the Ashanti Region; which resulted in the death of two persons, and four other injuries; some current and retired military officers have added their voices to the brouhaha.

Whiles some military officers and retired ones; have condemned the attack by soldiers; or use of soldiers against protesters in the county, some also have very nice views to share.

There are group of soldiers, who have condemned the use of the military, against protesters; and have explained that, Soldiers are built and trained for war, and that, the presence of the military in any civil event, could turn that area into a potential war zone, where one side has all the firepower; purchased for them by the citizens at the receiving end of the force. According to them, all matters involving the interior, belongs to the police.

Some military officers, including retired ones, also have the views that, soldiers could be deployed to handle civilian protesters, if the situation goes above the police…and that those order should only come from the Commander-In-Chief (President of the land).

They further explained that, the laws of the land empowers the President to deploy the military; only in some particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, or rebellion. In some more explanations…some military officers also revealed that, the laws limits the use of military personnel for law enforcement purposes within the state…these are there duties of the police.

Some retired military training officers, have also added that, the manual for training military personnel, does not allow for shooting above the knee in order to cause death in situations other than war. And so in the case of Ejura, these retired military men have stated that, the deployment of the military to disperse the unarmed protesters in Ejura; looks unprofessional; because to them, real military officers would have used tear gas and water hose in that endeavor, instead of aiming to shoot at unarmed civilians.

Though all soldiers have their different views on the Ejura clash, most of them have condemned the soldiers, for shooting at young and unarmed boys, who, according to the videos, were running away at the sight of the military men in Ejura. 

A retired old soldier have also stated that; the use of the Military forces to control crowds…are the last options that any government would authorize. 

On 29th June 2021, some youths of Ejura, a community in the Ashanti Region, had a clash with some military men, who were deployed to the region to maintain peace and order, after the youths clashed with the police a day earlier…resulting in the death of one social activist Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Mohammed.

After the incident, the Minister for the Interior, Mr. Ambrose Dery constituted a three-member Ministerial Committee, to conduct a public inquiry into the case. 

The committee, which is chaired by a Justice of the Court of Appeal, Justice George Kingsley Koomson, has 10 days within which to present its report.

Do you agree with the use of the military against protesters in Ghana?

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