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Withdraw Your Child From Happy Bloomers Crèche School - Bridget Otoo Advises Parents

A Ghanaian popular journalist and public relations officer, Bridget Otoo has advised parents who have their wards at Happy Bloomers Crèche School at Agbogba to have them withdrawn following the sudden death of 11 months old baby who died at the  school, due to maltreatment by the caregiver.

In a post on her official twitter account, the journalist said, “ If you are a parent with a child at Happy Bloomers Crèche at Agbogba, you should withdraw your child from that school. This is not a one off incident, we got to know because the babies died. Imagine all the babies they have abused and probably reported them as sick!.

According to her, little child death could have been avoided. She went further to say that, “ The poor baby’s death was avoidable. You leave your baby in the care of a school just to work hard  to pay for the services of the Crèche and they end up killing your baby” she wrote.

Bridget Otoo’s comments came after a cctv camera captured a caregiver at the  Happy Bloomers Crèche School maltreating a baby who later pronounced death upon rushing  to a nearby hospital.

Should parents withdraw their wards from the school? Leave your answers in the comments box and don’t forget to follow the page for more stories.

By: Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma 

Content created and supplied by: MNCNEWS (via Opera News )


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