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Scary: Afia Schwarzenegger Pulls Out A Gun On Robbers Who Attacked Her

Afia Schwarzenegger, comedian with Loudmouth, opened up how those thieves assaulted her when she was on her way to work in the early days of today.

Afia Schwar revealed that she packed up on the GINPA road to search her, but a few guys rushed with cnives and guns before she realized it and began to claim her cell.

She added that, as she tried to protect herself, she reached and pointed her gun at them, but immediately they began to salute him and turn from their robbery project to fans.

She warned she was someone who did not go down lightly, and that if those people came across her, she wouldn't hesitate to make the obvious.

Afia Schwar revealed how hard she would be to have been raised in South Africa and to know the crime, but her haters do not try her.

Afia Schwarzenegger said that she is a tough lady, and that she hates nobody because those people who plan to tear her down won't do their plans.

Some people believe Afia Schwar is saying something to push social media outlets because she is notorious for doing it just to get the public's attention.

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