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[Video] "Eka Aba Fie": It Ended In Premium Tears For A Young Man Who Tried Flexing With Pizza

These days, if you do not take pictures and videos of almost everything you do and put them on social media, then you are not in the "system". This is something normally done by most of the youth today. Sometimes, they do all these things to prove that they are also inthe system or due to massive pressure from their colleagues.

There are some people who would take pictures and videos when they go out to chill at very expensive places, posts whatever they saw to be fun at that particular place, among several others. This has become something normal and something like a "norm". Sometimes, you would wonder if that is the first time the person is to such an expensive place or has gone to even more expensive places.

A video is making waves on social media. You cannot tell if it is a funny one or not but after seeing it for yourself, I'm sure you would be able to determine it.

In the video, a young man could be seen dripping hard as he holds a box of pizza and giving different styles to the camera. We all know how tasty but expensive pizza can be so getting money to buy pizza alone is a big flex.

From how he held the pizza, you would know that it would eventually end in premium tears for him. He held the pizza as if he was holding an envelope. There is a certain position pizza is supposed to be held, that is, to be held with both hands. Due to his high dripping, the pizza box opened from the bottom and started falling off the box to the ground.

Realizing what had happened, he shifted his attention to "rescuing" the pizza but it was too late.

Here is the link you can click on to watch the video;

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Eka Aba Fie


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