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Meet The Model Who Removed Her 4 Ribs And Spent A Fortune To Look Like Kim Kardashian (Photos)

Meet mode Pamplona, social media influencer and businesswoman Jennifer Pamplona, who could pass as a mirror image for Kim Kardashian.

Most of her doctors have already told her to stop, as the procedures are getting riskier.

She has spent a staggering $500,000 (3m ghc) transforming close to every inch of her body, from having four ribs removed to four pints (900cc) of fat injected into her butt.

Recently she went under the knife again for her second nose job, to remove cheek fillers and had a facelift to closely resemble the ‘Break the Internet’ model.

These surgeries may have given her a Kardashian-approved "front side" but Pamplona wasn't satisfied until she had the perfect Kardashian booty to match.

She chose not to have any further surgery to remove or change her implants.

When she appeared in an interview, she expressed regret that she had gotten hip implants in order to look like Kim, and she adviced those who want to enhance their natural appearance not to and stay through to your natural seld.

Kim Kardashian's butt is almost as famous as she is, and people have always accused her of having surgery to make it bigger.

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