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Leading Sports Journalist Saddick Adams, Wades Into $170mil Judgement Debt and He Is Angry. DETAILS

Award-winning Sports Journalist, well renowned nationally and respected even internationally, across African football, has waded into the whooping amount of $170 million, to be paid by Ghana, been the judgement costs awarded when GPCC dragged the government of Ghana to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

This legal battle was caused by an official termination in 2018, hence, their demand for compensations from the government for a breach of the contract.

Ghana however challenged the arbitration award in a UK court, but failed to meet the deadlines to file its case citing the COVID-19 pandemic among others as reasons for the delay, an excuse, the judge deemed ”as intrinsically weak.”

Saddick Adams, who is best known by the alias, "Sports Obama" works with the Angel Group of Companies, hosting their main sports program, on both TV and Radio. In the sighted post on Twitter, he wrote sarcastically that, "If I'm a military man, I'd be firing warning shots around houses of the key people named in the scandal that's cost this poor country over $170million dollars. We really need to be harder on the vampires causing this nation's woes."

Clearly, he was also to the most recent sad news of two persons, who have been shot dead and five others, seriously injured and receiving medical support, all from the shooting by unprofessional security men, who instead of shooting to dispel the agitating crowd over the death of Macho Kaaka, rather shot into the crowd.

From the picture painted by Sports Obama, he would have rather wanted the Police, to direct their weapons at those, who are causing financial loss to the country through their incompetence, rather than targeting and both killing and maiming ordinary citizens, who have not done any wrong, except registering their concerns, in ways, approved by the laws of Ghana.

Comments on his post, have included the following:

@HamadAdams writes "That is why you are not a military man. If you are a military man you will surely understand where that $170m is so you won't even think of firing a gun."

@randynanakofi writes "Emotional tantrums are definitely are allowed on social media but certainly not in the military"

@ziawulhaqq1 writes "Ghana is just a mess always been but lately things just getting out of hands but it’s so sad that some people don’t really see the cause of this rather than them saying it wouldn’t happen it this was the ndc government. We are the problem!"

@WPofficial_x writes "You know these "key people" own the military men, right? One way or the other they were enlisted into the force by their help. So attacking them for their wrongs is like trying to bite the hand that opened the door for you to get fed."

@yussif505 writes "You’re condemning what you and I believe is wrong and asking them to do same."

@Odeshiye writes "Start from the flagstaff house thus where trillions are embezzled after that head to parliament house there? Huh quadrillions"

@nanaoforigyawu writes "Forget koraa they will rather be protecting them instead. You can't be silent forever @NAkufoAddo...we are disappointed ooo"

@InQuiSiTiveMynd writes "These days I don't get surprised by these tweets..... Journalist are also humans I get it!"

@Phobia_Fabu writes "Yet you are begging the people to allow you to demonstrate against them."

@Frank66316566 writes "They are simply heartless just heartless"

A quick check from the leading sports journalist, indicates surprisingly that, he has been very vocal on social media, over the current governments incompetence and has been part of the celebrities, who are calling for improved standards of living and for the current government, to move beyond promises and talking, to actually ensuring true transformation of the economy and country.

In a post of his last month, which also received wide viral coverage, he showed his support for the #FixTheCountry campaigns, when he wrote that:

@SaddickAdams wrote that "I think one of the dumbest PR approaches ever devised in this country's political history is the #FixYourSelf rubbish. But in trying to wittily drag them in the mud, thousands of my own #FixingTheCountryGhana soldiers really disappointed me. Is sarcasm this difficult eii"

In commentary to this initial post, some of the comments included the following:

@EmmanuelBooklet wrote "Ahhh!! Is your account hacked? Cos, you are not making sense at all. Just a few days ago you were in support of this and all of a sudden, you are scared?????"

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